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Poland: one of two trapped spelunkers found dead

The Tatra Mountains , where the cave system is located. Credit: Collage of Wikipedia/sktj

The body of one of the two Polish spelunkers trapped by rising water in a cave in the Tatra Mountains since last weekend has been found by rescuers, according to the local press on Thursday.

“The body of one of the two spelunkers we have been looking for since Saturday has been found,” Krzysztof Dlugopolski, a member of the emergency services at the Onet site stated, adding he would be giving more details on Friday.

Both men entered the Wielka Sniezna cave – the deepest and most extensive in Poland – in the past week accompanied by four other cave explorers who emerged from it on Saturday and sounded the alarm after being separated from their two companions.

The last contact with the two men was on Saturday at about 2:00 AM. The search began in the evening.

Another rescuer noted at the beginning of the week that both men, on top of the risk of drowning, were also threatened by hypothermia because of very low temperatures of 3° or 4°C inside the cave.

The rescuers notably used explosives in an attempt to blast a route across a narrow corridor a few dozen metres in length.

Participating in the search alongside the Polish emergency services were rescuers from Slovakia, firefighters and specialists from the mining industry.

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