Two Dutchmen arrested while trying to get into ‘Area 51’

Two Dutchmen arrested while trying to get into ‘Area 51’
Credit: Nye country police

American police have announced that two Dutchmen were arrested on Tuesday trying to penetrate the heavily guarded Area 51 site in Nevada.

According to local media, the men are Dutch YouTube stars Ties Granzier (20) – who has 735,000 followers – and Govert Sweep (21).

The duo was stopped several kilometres into the Nevada National Security Site near Area 51 in Nye County.  According to the local television station FOX5, the pair said that they understood English but consciously ignored the signs ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘No Trespassing’, because they wanted to explore.

A police investigation of the car turned up some cameras, a drone and recordings, which had already been made of the terrain. Both Dutchmen were then arrested and imprisoned in the Nye County prison near Las Vegas.

Area 51 has been the subject of popular rumours for decades which say it contains aliens and their space ships.

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