Assange’s treatment is 'putting his life in danger'

Assange’s treatment is 'putting his life in danger'

Julian Assange’s treatment is “putting his life in danger,” a UN Rapporteur on torture stated on Friday. 

Assange is accused of spying and could be extradited to the United States. 

The Australian WikiLeaks founder has been held in a London prison since British police arrested him at the Ecuadorian embassy in April.

Melzer is an independent UN expert and a professor of international law.

He visited Assange in May, accompanied by doctors, a month after his arrest.

“If the UK does not change its behaviour and improve the inhuman conditions he is being subjected to, the continuous discrimination and violation of his rights could cost Mr Assange his life,” Melzer said. 

According to Melzer, Assange is suffering from “physical health problems” and presents “all the typical symptoms of prolonged exposure to psychological torture, chronic anxiety and intense psychological trauma.”  

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