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$1 million award offered for best sustainable food solution

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Revolutionizing the food system to preserve the planet: a Swedish foundation announced on Thursday the launch of two awards of a million dollars each to reward sustainable food solutions. 

Two prizes will be awarded each year, one for “an existing and versatile solution for sustainable supply,” the second for “innovative initiatives that could transform the global food industry,” indicated the Curt Bergfors Foundation, at the origin of the initiative. 

The first awards will be granted later this year. “We need a revolution in our food system, otherwise we take the risk of destabilizing our planet. The new ‘Food Planet Prize’ is designed to contribute to this goal,” said Johan Rockström, Swedish Climatologist and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Research on the effects of climate change (PIK), co-chair of the jury. 

The world population is currently 7.8 billion and is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. Feeding such a huge population in a “sustainable” way implies a transformation of the agricultural production (agro-ecology, better water management), but also of consumer habits (food diet, waste), the experts said. 

“It is possible to feed 10 billion people in a healthy way while maintaining a prosperous biosphere. We want the ‘Food Planet Prize’ to acknowledge the most important solutions that can be quickly implemented,” said another chair of the jury, Line Gordon, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, as quoted in a joint statement.

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