Ryanair CEO wants to focus security checks on Muslims

Ryanair CEO wants to focus security checks on Muslims
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Terrorists “are generally Muslim men,” Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said during an interview published in Saturday's The Times. 

When he was asked about security at airports, the 58-year-old CEO told the British paper that security checks on families should be less thorough because there was “practically” no chance of there being any terrorists among them.

But he hinted these checks should focus on Muslim men.  

“Who are terrorists? Single men travelling alone,” he claimed. 

“We can’t say certain thing because it’s racist, but they’re generally Muslim men,” he continued. “If that’s where the threat is, we need to deal with it.” 

A spokesman from the Muslim Council of Britain accused him of Islamophobia. 

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood also said O’Leary was “encouraging racism.”  

“A white man killed eight people in Germany this week. Should we screen white people to see if they’re fascists?” he said, referring to the racist attack in Hanau. 

O’Leary is often provocative and known for his controversial comments. He has previously suggested making passengers fly standing up, making them pay to use the toilet and making obese people pay extra.  

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