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Major French drug dealer arrested in Brussels

Bruce Babilas, an key French drug trafficker who has been on the run for the past 4 years, was finally arrested in Brussels on Wednesday. He should have been serving a 23-year sentence in prison and was wanted by French police, revealed the Brussels prosecutor on Thursday, thus confirming news published in the daily newspaper la Dernière Heure. He was brought before the investigating judge in charge of the European arrest warrant issued by French judicial authorities against him, and he is now awaiting his transfer to France.

According to la Derniere Heure, Bruce Babilas was the subject of a European arrest warrant issued by the Strasburg District Court. Already sentenced to 11 years in 2008, he was given an additional 12-year sentence in 2011 for dealing at least 580 kilos of cannabis resin, according to the same source.

15 members of the Babilas gang were sentenced in Strasburg. Babilas was on the run and did not appear at his own trial.  Arrested in Brussels, he was remanded in custody and sent to Saint-Gilles prison until his transfer to France.

(Source: Belga)