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New arrest at the Lyon diocese as paedophilia case broadens

There was a new arrest at the Lyon diocese this week. This was part of an investigation into Cardinal Philippe Barbarin not reporting paedophiles, sources close to the case revealed on Saturday.

Sources say the arrest took place in the offices of Nicolas de Boccard, the archbishop’s judiciary vicar. A previous arrest took place in the cabinet of Monseigneur Philippe Barbarin on the 30th of March.

Those close to the cardinal are being questioned as part of an investigation by the Lyon Prosecutor’s office. They are looking into whether he failed to report sexual assaults on minors. Cardinal Barbarin will also be questioned by police very soon.

The two investigations were opened following several paedophilia and sexual assault cases that implicated priests at the diocese. Some of them are being investigated or being reopened following revelations by a victim’s association, “La Parole Libérée” (Speech liberated).

(Source: Belga)