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How Trump has intertwined politics with religion

Sunday, 11 October 2020
This is an opinion article by an external contributor. The views belong to the writer.

US President Trump was born and raised in a Christian family. In essence however, he is a businessman, and everything has become a business for Trump, even the matter of religion.

For example, he moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. This was for him self-serving business act, believing that doing so will please God and help him get re-elected and receive the glorious achievements he is pursuing.

Cynically diverting attention from his own shortcomings and bad decision-making, Trump continues to embark on a politics of division and incitement to appeal to his base, also illustrated by his populist campaign slogan “America First”.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States now exceeds 7 million cases, with over 200,000 deaths. The Trump administration has been dismissive of the epidemic so far, but has not shied away from spreading the religious front to the world and has even registered the “International Religious Freedom Alliance,” as if it wanted to make the “religious business” and interference in other countries in the name of “religious freedom” bigger and stronger.

Countries such as India, China, and Russia, the Trump administration has not shied away from intervening. Whether it is Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, or any organization with religious basis, as long as the United States does not align with it completely, it has felt compelled to “fight for freedom.”

As a Christian, Trump has had much contact and collaborations with famous pastors and clergy in the United States over the years, but in essence he does not practice himself what he preaches and claims he believes in.

Trump has had no fear of God, and intervened in politics around the world under the pretext of “religious freedom”, arguably in a way very much against the values he claims to believe in and fight for in the first place.