The political weapon of identity generalization

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January 6, 2021, a day abused by many to alienate their political enemies from “civilized society”. To mercilessly group together all your opponents by mindlessly linking their identity to the mindset of those who proclaim their discontent with clenched fists. Line them up neatly, behind the evil face of God-fearing racist, mouths taped shut as to not be heard again by a single soul, and then… SHOOT!

After all, such public expression of hatred and anger is a bloodstain on the conservatives’ agenda. One that, while the drop is still wet, can still be spread across the page with a single finger, beyond the line of political dissent. It has become a moral weapon, carefully constructed to portray those who criticize leftist ideology as morally bad people whose voices will lead to violence rather than peace. At last, fueled by their renewed pride, they sing the song of revolution against the tyrannical occupation of the status quo.

The staged bewilderment when the “fighters of equality” find that not all right-wing citizens intend to change their political stance because of an unfortunate incident is truly mind-boggling. Well, that leaves only one solution, doesn’t it? To scream to dismantle, once and for all, anything even remotely related to the supposed “attack on democracy”.

To break up the existence of hierarchical power relations, regardless of their fundamental importance to the stable structure of fair societal institutions, for the personification of sovereignty. To exchange free speech for a cheap and mindless expression of love and happiness.

In any case, unity can only be achieved in two ways: (1) by establishing a clear constitution based on basic universal values that must be respected by all, (2) or by imposing social norms and values from one group onto another so that they might benefit, so to speak.

I need not tell you that both approaches are not at all equal to each other, and that they are certainly not equally moral, quite the contrary! And, given the recent censorship against right-wing platforms, I doubt that the “leftists” are really fighting for free unity without radical exclusion.

Like a recruitment prior to a war, they call upon the youth to loudly express their dislike for their enemies. Unfortunately, a soldier’s duty is not so much to think as it is to follow orders. People no longer dwell on the ambiguity of humanitarian concepts such as justice, nor on the underlying norms and values that give such interests any universal bearing.

Such social developments are bound to give way to an unconscious repression of free thinking, with the only antidote being to actually learn to listen to each other. But the need to understand one’s rival has sadly moved toward the background of our political theater, for cries of fear and terror always ring louder with the people than the civil discourse of moral unity.

The idea of unity holds nothing, not until each person is granted a secure place in the ‘Promised Land’ of others. Conclusively, the contentious land of equal politics is not a place for employing re-education camps to ensure an overall consensus, instead it ought to be an ongoing agonistic debate to protect the values that lie at the very core of our democratic nation.

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