We call for Romani inclusion and equal access to health and education

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We call for Romani inclusion and equal access to health and education

Policymakers, experts, activists and organizations concerned with persistent antigypsyism in Europe collaborate to organize the Romani Week 2021 from 27 to 30 September.

The week will consist of a series of events which will provide recommendations on combatting antigypsyism and continued structural discrimination, on the effectiveness of the post 2020 EU policies for Romani people and on the recovery and resilience national plans.

The EU Romani Week 2021 aims to build on the work done during previous Romani Weeks and debate the post 2020 EU policies for Romani Inclusion. It will call upon the European Commission and EU Member States to put the fight against antigypsyism at the forefront of efforts for the social and economic inclusion of Romani people.

We no longer have time for deception. The European Commission is still postponing the development of the law for Romani equality.

The Commission has tried for some ten years to change something through a European strategic framework on equal access to education, health, housing or employment, but has failed because the measures have not been binding on Member States. The Commission's assessment itself tells us that the situation has worsened.

In this case, we need a law and we will not stop until the European executive implements the resolution developed by MEP Romeo Franz, which calls for a law for Romani equality, inclusion and participation not as a privilege, but as a normality for balancing the situation between European citizens, Romani and non-Romani people.

14 events are organized and they are possible because of the involvement of Brussels and EU wide partners, such as MEP Romeo Franz, the host of this European Romani Week, other 10 MEPs from different political groups, EU institutions representatives, civil society at European, national and local level and Romani people.

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