US Elections: Biden campaign 'absolutely confident' of victory

US Elections: Biden campaign 'absolutely confident' of victory
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Joe Biden's campaign team is "absolutely confident" that he will win the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump, it announced in a live stream on Thursday.

As ballots for the 2020 US election continue to be counted in multiple states, Biden's campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon gave an update on the Biden team's projections of the election results.

"Let me be very clear," O'Malley said. "Our data shows that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States." O'Malley believes that the counting of the remaining ballots "is going to continue to show our path to victory."

Speaking of "historic numbers" O'Malley pointed out that Biden had already won more presidential votes than any other candidate in history. She then went on to address the latest numbers in the states that have yet to be called, explaining that they remain confident Biden will win the six electoral college votes in Nevada.

More importantly, they also expect a win in Pennsylvania. "We continue to close" the gap on Trump, who is currently ahead in the state, where more than 600,000 ballots were outstanding as of the announcement. "We believe, from our data, that the majority of outstanding ballots left are for the vice president," O'Malley said.

If Biden indeed does win Pennsylvania, the state's 20 electoral college votes would be enough to elect the former vice president into office. "We will win by a sizeable number of votes in Pennsylvania," O'Malley said.

In addition, O'Malley called the race in the state of Georgia "a true toss-up," though the outstanding ballots are "mostly coming from more Democratic-leaning areas."

An update from Georgia has come in in the meantime and Biden has slightly narrowed the gap with trump to 0.3%.

Meanwhile, North Carolina seems to be going to Trump.

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