Interior Minister 'disappointed' over Police Cavalry's National Day protest

Interior Minister 'disappointed' over Police Cavalry's National Day protest
Credit: Belga.

Federal Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden is said to be 'disappointed' after the Federal Police Cavalry aired a list of grievances in a letter sent to her during Thursday's National Day parade.

Earlier this month, the SNPS union, which represents the Cavalry, issued a strike notice after unsuccessful negotiations with the state over pay for increased travel expenses.

It would have led to them not participating in the National Day's royal procession, but after talks between the union and the state, the Cavalry ended up partaking in the celebrations.

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However, Marie Verbeke, a spokesperson for Verlinden, told Belga News Agency that an agreement had been struck for no further letters to be sent to the Minister during National Day, which was not respected by the cavalry riders.

Furthermore, the Cavalry are still likely to strike this week due to a lack of compensation when its barracks were relocated from Etterbeek to Rebecq.

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