Tax Shift – MR offensive and PS counter-offensive

The PS and MR have exchanged numerous tweets over the last few hours. They mainly concern the federal government’s ‘tax shift’. The liberals have launched a media campaign about it, and the socialists responded by opposing their claims.

Last Wednesday, the MR launched the ‘Up to you to judge for yourself’ campaign in magazines, and on Monday it went on the radio and the Internet. The campaign talked about the effects of the tax shift, which was created by the Michel government and completed last year. It is supposed to increase worker’s buying power and create employment. A group of real people explain how the reform has benefitted them. The campaign will no doubt be reedited over the next few years, as more of the measures are progressively put in place.

The PS responded on Twitter, under the caption “The MR/N-VA government isn’t telling you everything”. It shows anonymous witnesses who claim they have become much worse off since the Michel government came to power: workers who suffer the ‘index jump’, forgotten pensioners, etc.

The MR responded “We found your witnesses”. They show the same people, found on an internet database, but this time all smiles. They are now talking about the benefits of the reform, on “”. The PS couldn’t leave it there. “Are you sure you’re not forgetting something?”, they ask the MR, while displaying a quote from the National Bank which says the tax shift is insufficiently financed.

(Source: Belga)

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