Forming a minority Flemish government is the 'plan B'

Forming a minority Flemish government is the 'plan B'
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A minority Flemish government composed of two parties with the outside support of a third is a "plan B," N-VA regional parliament group leader, Peter De Roover said on Monday on the VRT De Ochtend broadcast.

"A majority government should be the standard. If external support is necessary because there is no other solution, so be it. But this is not the preferred option," he assured. 

During the weekend, Bart De Wever again met with the far-right Vlaams Belang in view of forming the next Flemish government.

The two parties combined do not have a majority in the regional parliament, which means they need a third partner’s support. All of the other parties in the north, however, have already said they will not govern with the far-right. 

As in Wallonia, the idea of a minority government supported from the outside is therefore considered but it is still only a "plan B", De Roover reiterated. 

"We want to form a government that is the closest to our programme. Preferably a majority government is what remains clearly the best option. Other options are viable, we do not want to be the dog who wags his tail and then goes away," he added. 

According to the nationalist group leader, De Wever is finally starting to take a final look at possible coalitions. Without advancing a set date, he said that 11 July "is still a great goal."

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