Fun for all ages: 'Hobby horsing' World Cup takes place in Belgium

Fun for all ages: 'Hobby horsing' World Cup takes place in Belgium
Credit: Hobby Horsing Champions

The World Cup Hobby Horsing (involving a stick horse) are being held in Geraardsbergen, Belgium on Sunday. Contestants can show off their skills in various disciplines, from dressure to the beauty contest.

Hobby horsing is considered an official sport in many countries, and involves a person holding a stick horse (literally a stick with a horse's head stuck to it) between their legs and performing various exercises, including gymnastics, jumping and dressage. Participants often "ride" self-made horses.

According to the World Cup's website, "it is a discipline that not only requires fitness and technique, but also stimulates the imagination and creativity."

Many the cream of the hobby horseriding crop from all over the world, yound and old, have gathered Geraardsbergen to put their best foot forward on Sunday. Anyone can take part in the World Cup, and there ae no selection or admission criteria.

Within the four sporting disciplines (dressure, jumping, spring and beauty), there are three age categories: "Kids" for those up to the age of ten, the "junior" category for those aged 10 to 16 and "senior," where all people over the age of 16 compete against each other.

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Whereas in the younger categories it is often girls or women, the organisers often see more male participants in the senior category, according to VRT NWS.

During the World Cup, there are also stands where you can buy or rent stick horses for those who left their trusted stallion at home.

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