Catching and euthanising pigeons will no longer be allowed in Brussels

Trapping and euthanising pigeons will soon no longer be allowed in Brussels, following the approval of an ordinance proposed by MP Victoria Austraet (formerly of DierAnimal).

The approval was passed with 12 votes in favour, Bruzz reports.

“When a pigeon is captured, it causes stress and suffering. They can stay in cages for days and die of thirst,” said Austraet. “Moreover, it is a non-selective method, as other bird species also end up in such cages.”

A method of controlling the pigeon population

Austraet said that pigeons are still regularly caught this way, including by Brussels transit authority STIB, and then euthanised.

“It is cruel and inefficient,” said Austraet.

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Also supporting the ordinance were Gladys Kazadi (CDH) and Gaëtan Van Goidsenhoven (MR), who want to use the proposal to put an end to this particular method of regulating pigeon populations.

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