Over 250,000 people went to see coffin of Elizabeth II

Over 250,000 people went to see coffin of Elizabeth II
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Over 250,000 people waited to see the Queen lying in state, British Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan announced.

More than a quarter of a million "went through parliament" although this figure is still an estimate as officials are still "crunching the final numbers," Donelan told Sky News on Tuesday.

Asked about the cost of the funeral to the taxpayer, Donelan said that she did not know but said that she believed the British would consider it "money well spent".

"Thousands of people showed up for the funeral and I don't think anyone can suggest that our late monarch didn't deserve this farewell, given the duty and selfless service to which she had pledged herself for more than 70 years,” Donelan stressed.

"I always saw our late monarch as the glue that held our society together."

Hours-long queues

People stood in line for hours to pay their last respects to the Queen from late on Wednesday until 06:30 on Monday, the day when the Queen's funeral took place, to see her coffin in Westminster Hall.

Mourners walked up to 16 kilometres as the queue stretched from parliament to the south bank of the Thames, through Tower Bridge to Southwark park.

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Over 100,000 are estimated to have watched the Queen's funeral procession on Monday. According to the office of the Mayor of London, some 80,000 came to Hyde Park with another 75,000 people in viewing areas and 60,000 on South Carriage Drive.

The UK has been at a standstill during the ten days of mourning for the Queen. But after the funeral on Monday, daily life resumed on Tuesday.

The death of the late monarch has dominated British press and continues to do so on Tuesday, overshadowing the severe energy crisis and social issues affecting the UK.

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