Utrecht opens largest bicycle parking facility in the world

Utrecht opens largest bicycle parking facility in the world
One of the entrances to the newly opened Stationsplein Bike Parking facility in Utrecht. Credit: harry_nl

On Monday, Utrecht opened the world’s largest bicycle parking facility in the world, knocking Tokyo off the top spot. 

Three stories tall, the Stationsplein Bicycle Parking facility located at Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands provides 12,500 bicycle parking spaces. The centre will be open 24/7 and has free parking for the first 24 hours. 

There are now 22,000 bicycle parking spaces around Utrecht Central Station. 

The Stationsplein Bicycle Parking facility comes as a result of continued emphasis on the part of the Dutch government to create additional bicycle routes and more bicycle parking spaces in the country. 

In 2017, the Dutch government agreed to a one-off investment of 100 million euros into cycling projects over the next four years, according to the European Cyclists Federation. In June 2018, another 75 million euros was added to the budget for additional bicycle parking facilities as part of the climate agreement. 

Evie McCullough

The Brussels Times

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