Vandenbroucke 'not opposed' to using GPs to vaccinate people, but not yet

Vandenbroucke 'not opposed' to using GPs to vaccinate people, but not yet
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Belgium's Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke is not opposed to using general practitioners to vaccinate the population against Covid-19, but in a later phase, he said in a House Committee on Tuesday.

Several French-speaking parties questioned Vandenbroucke about it, as they relayed the grievances of general practitioners against the slowness of the vaccination process.

"I am not opposed to a debate on the role of GPs, but at a later stage," Vandenbroucke said.

Currently, the conditions of the vaccination campaign prevent the involvement of GPs. The vaccines are contained in multi-dose vials, they have to be stored under special conditions and it is not possible to deliver to all practices.

"That is why all people living in Belgium will have to be invited to the vaccination in a collective institution," Vandenbroucke said.

Additionally, he stated that he does not want to make vaccination compulsory. "Obligation will not solve our problem. We must continue to convince people."

According to a survey conducted by Sciensano in December, many people were still hesitant or even refusing to be vaccinated, especially in Brussels and Wallonia (29% and 16% respectively in the capital, and 31% and 21% in Wallonia).

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