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  • January 31 - Economics of energy

    The EU auditors will publish a report on how effective energy taxation, carbon pricing and energy subsidies are in relation to the bloc’s climate goals. It will take into account current and planned legislation.

  • January 31 - DSA first meeting

    First trilogue meeting on the Digital Services Act takes place.

  • February 1 - Chips are down

    The European Commission will publish its Chips Act in early February, exact date to be confirmed. The plan will detail how Brussels aims to boost domestic microchip production.

  • February 3 - Poland vs Czechia

    EU Court of Justice issues opinion on Poland’s Turow coal mine, which the Czech Republic alleges breaks EU law.

  • February 7 - EU-US energy

    The EU and US will reportedly hold a joint energy council on 7 February, with the fate of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline set to top the agenda.

  • February 7 - Scholz in Washington

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visits US President Joe Biden in Washington for talks.

  • February 9 - Defence and space

    EU Commission publishes new strategies for the defence and space sectors, including a plan for critical technologies and management of space traffic.

  • February 10 - Battery business

    MEPs on the environment committee vote on the Battery Regulation, with a vote in plenary scheduled afterwards for sometime in March.

  • February 17 - Hands across the Med

    Day 1 of the EU-African Union summit.

  • March 1 - EU-China summit

    The EU and China will hold a bilateral summit during March. Exact date to follow.

  • March 17 - Battery business II

    EU environment ministers meet for a council summit. They are scheduled to vote on an agreement on the Battery Regulation review. Trilateral talks can begin once this deal is finalised.

  • March 30 - Circle the wagons

    EU Commission presents its Circular Economy package, a set of rules that will include making ecodesign standards more strict. It is another piece of the Green Deal puzzle.

  • April 20 - Common charger

    MEPs are scheduled to vote on their position on the plan for a common universal charger. Interinstitutional negotiations can begin once they have agreed.

  • May 12 - Taxonomy troubles

    The European Council and Parliament have until mid-May to object to the draft sustainable taxonomy delegated acts on nuclear and gas power. A majority of MEPs or reverse reinforced qualified majority of the Council (around 20 member states) will be needed to vote it down. They can also request an additional two months to scrutinise the document if needed.

  • July 1 - Czech in

    Czech Republic takes over the rotating EU presidency from France.

  • July 5 - Right to repair

    The European Commission will publish its plan for new design requirements and consumer rights for electronics. This will likely include a definition on the ‘right to repair’, potentially unlocking longer-lasting electronics and reshaping how consumers purchase smartphones and other devices.


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