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  • 30 November - Nuclear Orban

    The European Court of Justice is supposed to rule on Austria’s case against Hungary’s planned nuclear power expansion on 30 November. 

  • 30 November - Recycle, reuse, recycle again

    European Commission publishes its updated circular economy package.

  • 1 December - EU-US TTC

    The next round of the EU-US trade and technology council is scheduled for December.

  • 1 December - Chips are down

    Industry ministers come together on 1 December for a council meeting. Topping the agenda are talks about an EU plan to boost semiconductor production under the so-called Chips Act.

  • 6 December - WB6 summit

    The EU’s latest Western Balkans summit will be held in Tirana, Albania.

  • 7 December - Passenger rights fight

    A European Commission consultation on amending passenger rights rules closes on 7 December. Details here.

  • 9 December - Schengen push

    The Commission recommended (again) that Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania be admitted to the Schengen zone. Ministers meet 9 December where a vote is likely to be held, meaning the next couple of weeks will be time for one last diplomatic push.

  • 21 December - Disaster relief

    The Commission will publish its plans for the EU’s disaster resilience goals.

  • 31 December - Czech out time

    Czechia hands over the reins of the EU presidency to Sweden.

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