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  • June 21 - Golden gateway

    The EU’s development days will this year focus on Brussels’ plan to up investments in energy, digital and transport in partner countries, in a bid to compete with China’s mammoth Belt and Road initiative.

  • June 22 - Rescheduled mother nature

    The European Commission’s postponed nature protection package — which includes targets for reducing pesticide use — has been tentatively rescheduled for 22 June.

  • June 23 - EU growth spurt?

    EU leaders are on course to be given an update on the membership applications of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine at a European Council meeting. The Commission is expected to issue its opinions on whether talks should be opened.

  • July 1 - Czech in

    Czech Republic takes over the rotating EU presidency from France.

  • July 5 - Right to repair

    The European Commission will publish its plan for new design requirements and consumer rights for electronics. This will likely include a definition on the ‘right to repair’, potentially unlocking longer-lasting electronics and reshaping how consumers purchase smartphones and other devices.

  • December 1 - EU-US TTC

    The next round of the EU-US trade and technology council is scheduled for December.

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