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  • July 4 - Farm fraud

    EU auditors will publish a report on 4 July into fraud risks linked to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which is the bloc’s single biggest source of expenditure. Another report recently found that the CAP was the policy where the EU overstates its climate credentials the most, so it will be interesting to compare those results with these new ones.

  • July 4 - Digital votes

    MEPs will debate and then vote on the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act at the July plenary.

  • July 4 - Plenary day 1

    European Parliament plenary session kicks off. Day 1 agenda here.

  • July 5 - Right to repair

    The European Commission will publish its plan for new design requirements and consumer rights for electronics. This will likely include a definition on the ‘right to repair’, potentially unlocking longer-lasting electronics and reshaping how consumers purchase smartphones and other devices.

  • July 5 - Taxonomy D-day

    Two Parliament committees voted to reject the Commission’s plan to label fossil gas and nuclear power as sustainable investments. A tight result is expected in plenary next month and alliances are now being built. Keep an eye on the draft agenda here.

  • July 5 - In the odeon

    Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the latest EU leader to be invited to a debate at the European Parliament. On 5 July, he will give a speech and likely field questions from MEPs on a variety of topics, including migration.

  • July 5 - Innovation strategy

    The European Commission publishes on 5 July its strategy to boost innovation in the EU, especially in startups and SMEs. How to actually access financing will be the main objective of this new innovation agenda.

  • July 5 - Plenary day 2

    European Parliament plenary day 2. Agenda here.

  • July 6 - Taking stock

    The plenary session will review the conclusions of the latest European Council summit, where EU leaders agreed to grant Moldova and Ukraine candidate status. The Parliament had already voted in favour of that plan.

  • July 6 - Expansion talks

    Committee of the Regions delegates will discuss EU enlargement policy on 6 and 7 July. Members from EU-hopefuls Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will attend the event for the very first time. Full agenda here.

  • July 6 - Plenary day 3

    European Parliament plenary session day 3. Agenda here.

  • July 7 - Plenary final day

    European Parliament plenary final day. Agenda here.

  • December 1 - EU-US TTC

    The next round of the EU-US trade and technology council is scheduled for December.

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