Courcelles: gas pump attacked and set on fire

Courcelles: gas pump attacked and set on fire

Three individuals attacked a Courcelles service station to take the cash register contents, during the night of Sunday to Monday. Once their crime was committed, they set the business on fire, which was ravaged by the flames.

The armed robbery was committed in the retail store of the gas station on Monday around 4 am. According to the emergency services, three armed and hooded persons burst into the business and held up the staff present to take the contents of the cash register. They then set fire to the gas station, which quickly went up in flames.

The victims were able to leave the place in time and alert the Hainaut-East firefighters.

In spite of the risks of explosion, the firefighters managed to control the flames. The gas station suffered severe material damage. Informed of the events, the Trieux local police (Courcelles – Fontaine-l’Evêque) went to the premises and opened an inquiry.

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