3,260 new organ donors in Picardie Wallonia thanks to the Teledon

3,260 new organ donors in Picardie Wallonia thanks to the Teledon

During a three week campaign, the first Teledon, an initiative by the ASBL and the Picardie Wallonia television NoTélé, has allowed citizens in the West of Hainaut to register as organ and blood donors. This first for Belgium has been a success, as 3,260 new organ donors have registered. This pilot action could grow and spread across the whole country in the future.

The campaign ended in Mouscron on Saturday evening, with an evening show. People who received a donor organ and local associations have talked about their experience and fight to get an organ that would save their life.

Every year in Belgium, nearly 1,300 patients need an organ to get well or survive. Only two thirds of them get an organ, and 400 people die as there are no organs available. Organs taken from a human body can save up to 23 lives.

On Saturday, 23 Picardie Walloon communes opened donor areas with various shows. A call centre was also opened, and potential donors registered during the evening. Associations or clubs, like the Rotary, took part in the first Teledon.

A similar campaign was also held for blood donation. Nearly 25,000 patients need blood in Belgium today, and every day 800 bags of blood are drawn in the country. Each bag can save three lives.

(Source: Belga)

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