Jewish Museum attack - 3rd French suspect arrested and wheelchair investigated

Jewish Museum attack - 3rd French suspect arrested and wheelchair investigated

A 3rd suspect was apprehended early in July, as part of the investigation into the May 24th, 2014 attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, according to Belga press agency, citing reliable sources. The federal public prosecutor confirmed the news. This is not the individual who was filmed with main suspect Mehdi Nemmouche 4 days after the attack, but a 28-year-old French citizen from Marseilles. His role in the attack is unknown. Investigators are also trying to follow the trace of a suspicious wheelchair.

According to Belga's sources, A. had been in touch with Nemmouche, the main suspect. Precisely what sort of contact this was has yet to be revealed. It is also not known whether the individual was linked to Nacer Bendrer, the 2nd suspect in the case, in a Belgian prison since last February.

The only information revealed  by the federal prosecutor is that A. was extradited on July 1st of this year,  following a European arrest warrant, and that he was charged for being responsible, co-responsible, or an accomplice in the quadruple terrorist-inspired attack.

As for the man filmed with Nemmouche on Boulevard Albert II in Brussels on May 28th, 2014, he has yet to be found. The video shows Nemmouche walking alongside a bald man carrying a sports bag probably containing the weapons used by Nemmouche.

Investigators are also puzzled by a mysterious wheelchair found at Nemmouche's Brussels apartment. They still do not know where it comes from, nor whom it belongs to and what is was used for.

(Source: Belga)

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