Spontaneous Liège bus strike is 'totally irresponsible', TEC says

Spontaneous Liège bus strike is 'totally irresponsible', TEC says
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All the Liège-Verviers TEC bus depots were blocked on Friday morning following a spontaneous strike, instigated by the CGSLB union, which condemned a lack of measures against the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

As far as the TEC Directorate-General is concerned, the movement - which gave no notice of the strike - is behaving in a way that is "totally irresponsible and contrary to the attitude of solidarity desired by the federal and federated bodies," Stéphane Thiery, the marketing manager and spokesperson for the TEC group stated.

"In fact, a meeting of the joint committee was set for this Friday morning and it will indeed take place." Measures will be announced at the end of this meeting that were "agreed with the mobility minister yesterday evening."

These measures come after those announced on Thursday evening by the National Security Council to combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

"From the start of the coronavirus crisis, the management has been in permanent contact with FPS Mobility and FPS Public Health so as to communicate properly and adapt our internal steps in dialogue with the unions," the senior management pointed out.

The joint subcommittee meeting will be held at 10 pm on Friday.

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