Telecoms companies offer free data, downloads and films

Telecoms companies offer free data, downloads and films
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At a time when people are being advised to work from home and forced to stay home in the evenings, the country’s main telecoms operators have offered their clients some free extras.

Proximus is offering free telephone calls to any fixed line number in Belgium, from both a mobile and a landline. Until 31 March, all download limits via a fixed internet connection are lifted.

For mobile clients, the company is adding 10Gb to all packages. And TV customers can now access the Movies & Series option free.

Proximus business clients receive the same fixed telephone and internet extras, while for mobile, any excess data used over and above the package will not be billed.

At Telenet, clients with a data limit for fixed or mobile internet will have their limit doubled. That comes into force on Monday for fixed internet, and Tuesday morning for mobile.

Telenet TV clients will also from Tuesday have access to a range of TV and movie options on channel 11. The content is described as a mix of local and international programmes.

Companies that are forced to close will have the option of suspending their account temporarily.

Orange business and private clients will get 5Gb extra mobile data “to ensure that they are always and everywhere kept in touch,” the company said. Existing clients will receive more information during the next week.

Scarlet is also offering free calls to fixed lines, and lifting internet data limits. The channels 196 and 197 offering Movies & Series will be added to the basic TV package for the duration.

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