Coronavirus: Belgians can still get their fries

Coronavirus: Belgians can still get their fries
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Frites shops with takeaway services are allowed to stay open as long as they respect the social distancing rules in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, despite the new far-reaching measures.

Since last week's ban on restaurants and cafés, certain frites shops are still running by offering orders to go, all the while respecting social distancing rules. These shops can still deliver their services despite the new measures taken by the National Security Council.

"Frites shops are in the same category as bakeries or butchers; they must follow social distancing rules," said Bernard Lefèvre, president of the national union of fryers (Unafri).

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"Every frites shop should decide for themselves whether to stay open or close; the national union of frituristes will not give any guidelines," Lefèvre stated. Indeed, "a number of frites shops have decided to close, but everyone is free to decide."

Meanwhile, fast-food chains Quick, McDonald's and Burger King have decided Wednesday to remain closed until further notice.

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