Coronavirus: Work from home

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Coronavirus: Work from home

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has got people extremely worried and frightened all around the globe. In such tough times, people who use public transport need to be extra cautious. 

In a city like New Delhi, where the jam-packed situations in metro trains and DTC buses are hidden from none, people traveling without masks, and sneezing and coughing without covering-up is something that has not yet ceased.

Where the WHO has advised maintaining a distance of at least one metre as a precautionary measure, the public transport systems here are so crowded that maintaining such distance is impossible. With such great flock packed into such small place breathing space is bound to be invaded. People coughing at your face is a common experience.

Such troubles are a part of daily routine but with the growing spread of Coronavirus in India, and especially in the Delhi-NCR region, travel in such congested place is ill-advised.

To prevent the further spread of this dangerous virus governments and offices all over the world are promoting the work-from-home culture. 

Though I have been commuting daily via public transport, what I saw today in the metro train has made me distressed and alarmed; a person standing beside me, traveling without a mask, sneezed into his hands and immediately grabbed the handlebar. It is evident that despite the issuances of advisories and accompanied huge propaganda by the government, people have not yet realized the gravity of the matter.

Not only are such ignorant people putting themselves in danger but are also posing a threat to the community. People lying about their health and escaping quarantine have also been reported in the news. Miscreants who are trying to disrupt the public hygiene are also being reported.

Fearing quarantine, many probable infected people are not getting themselves tested. It is evident that the true number of infected people is greater than the reported number. It is indisputable that the situation is getting worse with each passing day. 

I urge everybody to be someone who is not only responsible for themselves and their families but for the community as well. People must opt for work-from-home. Not only will that be beneficial for them, their family, their colleagues at the office, but also for mankind. It is high time, every single precaution ought to be exercised. 

Considering the greater good that will accompany this rightful decision, I urge every employer to permit their employees to work from home until the situation comes under control.

Any employer who does not allow their employees this facility does not really care about their employees no matter how much they say so on their websites and in the induction meetings. 

Nitish Kapur

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