Coronavirus: 2,815 confirmed cases in Belgium

Coronavirus: 2,815 confirmed cases in Belgium
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Belgium’s Public Federal Health Service (FPS) reports there were 558 new coronavirus infections in Belgium on Friday, reaching a total of 2,815 cases.

Of the new cases, 292 are from Flanders, 200 from Wallonia and 50 from Brussels. The origin is not clear for the remaining 16 cases.

Thirty new deaths are also confirmed. 67 coronavirus patients in Belgium have so far died.

74 new patients are in intensive care, bringing the total number to 238. 167 people are on ventilators, 53 more than reported yesterday.

Most of the fatalities involved people over the age of 65; two were aged 45-64, and one in the age group 25-44. In most cases, the people who died had underlying conditions.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, 263 people have been sent home after treatment, 58 of them yesterday.

The figures only relate to cases tested and analysed, and therefore does not reflect the exact number of people infected.

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