Coronavirus: Info number receives 150,000 calls

Coronavirus: Info number receives 150,000 calls
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The official information number for questions related to the new coronavirus (Covid-19) has already received 150,000 calls, the National Crisis Centre reported on Monday.

The number receives an average of over 7,000 calls a day since the National Security Council took restrictive measures to curb the coronavirus outbreak on Thursday 12 March.

On that date, the number received 10,000 calls. Two days later, the Department of Domestic Affairs announced an additional 14,000 calls. Since then, the Centre has received 140,000 calls,” said Yves Stevens, the Crisis Centre’s spokesperson.

The info number, 0800/14.689, can be called every day between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Citizens can also ask questions by e-mail at

To not overburden the operators, Stevens advised people to consult the website before calling, as it is updated regularly.


For any further questions, there is a special form from the Crisis Centre to fill in.

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