Coronavirus: Brussels Airlines scraps 8 destinations

Coronavirus: Brussels Airlines scraps 8 destinations
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Brussels Airlines will not fly to eight destinations until April 2021 because of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

For now, Brussels Airlines is still keeping all its planes on the ground until at least 15 May because of the virus. However, the pandemic will also have a long term impact on the airline company, as its has decided to scrap all its flights to Hanover (Germany), Valencia and Sevilla (Spain), Billund (Denmark), Santorini (Greece), Bristol (UK), Marrakesh (Morocco) and Moscow (Russia), for a year.

"It is difficult to make predictions about the future, and the reason for scrapping destinations varies from destination to destination," said Kim Daenen, spokesperson of Brussels Airlines, to De Standaard. "But in general, we do not expect the demand to return to 100% in the longer term," she added.

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Additionally, some destinations, such as Bristol, Billund and Hannover, are disappearing because Brussels Airlines has terminated its collaboration with CityJet, which operated flights for Brussels Airlines during the summer season, and as a result, there are five fewer aircraft available, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

"It is logical that, in these circumstances, the external partners are the first to drop out," said Daenen. "Whether those destinations will ever return to the offer, is not sure yet," she added.

Brussels Airlines is in acute need of money as a result of the coronavirus crisis, and has asked the government for a €200 million to keep it afloat.

Its German parent company, Lufthansa, last week announced that the “restructuring of the Belgian subsidiary Brussels Airlines" would be "intensified." However, it is not clear yet what that means.

Passengers who had booked a flight to one of the cancelled destinations will be contacted by Brussels Airlines.

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