Shops reopening ‘important step’ for Belgium's economic recovery

Shops reopening ‘important step’ for Belgium's economic recovery
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The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) is happy with the final green light for the reopening of the shops on 11 May, it announced on Wednesday. 

"This is a new and important phase in the gradual recovery of the economy and thus in the further reduction of temporary unemployment," the FEB said.

According to the FEB, this second relaxation of anti-coronavirus measures will enable some 5 to 10% of economic activity to resume on 11 May.

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"It is positive that the planned step-by-step plan is being adhered to and that the stores will be able to reopen on 11 May. The shopkeepers are ready to welcome their customers in complete safety," said FEB CEO Pieter Timmermans.

During the first steps of deconfinement in the last few days, "the businesses have shown that they can restart in safe conditions," Timmermans said. "We must now continue this trend and strictly adhere to the safety measures so that the relaunch of the economy is in line with people's health," he added.

Shops reopening "means that many people will be able to return to work and will therefore have to find childcare facilities for their children," the FEB warned. "In order to make the economic recovery possible, the FEB calls for good agreements between the education sector and other bodies so that sufficient childcare facilities can be provided for the children of all working parents."

"Reviving our economy safely but surely is the challenge today," the FEB stated, reminding people that "the strength of the relaunch of our trade, services and manufacturing industries determines our prosperity, jobs and the strength of our healthcare system." 

"The FEB therefore insists that all Belgians - entrepreneurs, employees, customers, young and old - rigorously follow the safety regulations," it communicated.

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