Parrot and owner rescued from tree by fire brigade

Parrot and owner rescued from tree by fire brigade
Credit: CC0 Public Domain/Lynn Greyling

The Bruges fire brigade rescued a parrot and its owner from a tree after the man got stuck while trying to retrieve it.

On Thursday afternoon, a couple in the city of Bruges, went for a walk with its blue-and-yellow macaw on a rope, when the parrot tore itself loose and flew into a tree in the Minnewaterpark.

The couple panicked for a moment, but the man decided to rescue the animal and started to climb the tree. However, at a height of around 8 metres, the situation turned out to be hopeless.

At that moment, the emergency services had already been notified and the police decided not to take any risks.

"He was stuck about 8 metres high, and could not come down safely," Lien Depoorter, a police spokesperson, said on Radio 2. The fire brigade was called to get him out of the tree with a rescue ladder truck.

The parrot, which had gotten stuck to a branch with a piece of its rope, could also be taken out of the tree a little later by the owner himself. "We are just glad everything ended well," the couple told Het Laatste Nieuws.

Maïthé Chini

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