Coronavirus: China to allow more international flights

Coronavirus: China to allow more international flights
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From 1 June, China will relax the strict restrictions that were put in place for a period of two months because of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The restrictions, which were imposed on 29 March to stop the virus being imported, will be lifted from Monday as long as imported coronavirus risks are under control.

However, many Chinese people abroad have already complained that they cannot return to their country because of the restrictions. At the beginning of April, only 1% of the number of international flights to and from China before the crisis were carried out.

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From next week, the number of international flights will be increased from 134 to 407 per week, according to the Deputy Director of the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration, Li Jian.

The number of flights that will actually be operated, however, will likely be lower than the allowed 407, as the demand on some routes is expected to fluctuate, said Li. He did not elaborate on which carriers will operate the flights.

"Due to increasing demand, we will increase the volume of flights, while maintaining control over the number of imported infections in China," he told the China News Service news agency.

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