Belgium granted quarantine free travel to England

Belgium granted quarantine free travel to England
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As of July 10, travellers from Belgium will no longer be quarantined upon arrival in England.

This information comes as part of a list - published on Friday - which confirms earlier reports that travel will be allowed between England and certain destinations.

Belgium, Germany, Italy and France all made the list, Portugal did not.

Speaking on Friday morning, Transport Minister Grant Shapps explained the news as a major step in the reopening of the country.

“There will be a list of 50 plus countries and if you add in the overseas territories 60 something or other that we will publish later today,” Shapps told Sky News.

Arrivals will be additionally monitored through a passenger location form, which will list travel history, and where people will be staying.

Scotland and Wales

According to The Telegraph newspaper, the government had hoped to get a list for the whole of the UK but the disagreement with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has killed that hope.

Both Scotland and Wales have called the decision "shambolic" - with Sturgeon adding that she was willing to evaluate low risk countries, but not yet.

The quarantine has been in force in the UK since June 8. Shapps said there would be a rapid adjustment if the infection rate in any of the countries on the list were to rise.

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