Flemish doctors demand clarity over orange travel zones

Flemish doctors demand clarity over orange travel zones
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Domus Medica, the Flemish association of general practitioners, denounced on Tuesday the lack of clarity in the instructions given to travellers returning from so-called orange zones.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a list on its website of EU regions and countries that are considered green, orange or red for travel, with different implications for travellers going to and coming from those areas.

Travellers returning from an orange zone, as of Tuesday, are asked to undergo screening and quarantine, though for some countries the test is mandatory, but for others, travellers are asked to consult their doctor upon their return. In these cases, the government is appealing to citizens’ civic spirit.

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According to Domus Medica, Code Orange does not hold up. "Either we force all travellers returning from a certain region to be tested and quarantined for 14 days, or we don't force anyone," the association lamented in a press release.

"General practitioners cannot continue to work like this,” they said. “Is there someone who will finally take the helm and try to guide us through the second wave?"

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