Money troubles postpone Brussels Airlines schedule expansion

Money troubles postpone Brussels Airlines schedule expansion
Credit: Brussels Airlines

Ongoing discussion over the financial future of Brussels Airline has forced the operator to postpone plans to expand its flight offerings from August 2020.

In a note sent from the CEO to the staff the airline made it clear that it would only continue to fly with two long-haul and 21 short-haul aircraft for the time being, Belga reports.

The company was expected to expand its capacity in both short- and long-distance as of next month, but ongoing discussions with the Belgian state about financial support have seen this held up

"They are very complex and have not yet led to a result," said the CEO. "Since our financial situation is deteriorating, we are postponing the expansion of the planned capacity."

The decision is a precautionary measure to ensure that the company can continue to operate its current flight schedule, a spokesperson told De Standaard, adding that a solution will be found for the 7,000 passengers who had already made reservations.

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