Weather report: 35 degrees expected by Friday

Weather report: 35 degrees expected by Friday
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A few cloud banks and clear skies will alternate this afternoon, according to Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI). It will not rain, and maximum temperatures will range from 19 degrees at the coast and 24 degrees inland.

In the evening and at night, the sky will become slightly cloudy, with minimum temperatures from 6 or 7 degrees in the Hautes Fagnes to 13 degrees elsewhere in the country.

Thursday will be sunny with some high clouds. Temperatures are expected to rise, with highs up to 29 degrees in Belgian Lorraine.

Friday will also be sunny, with temperatures reaching 29 to 31 degrees in the Ardennes and 33 to 35 degrees in the centre of the country. There may be some more clouds over the west of the country in the evening, and the chance of thunderstorms will increase overnight.

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Saturday, the weather will be changeable again, with a chance of local showers, highs between 23 degrees at the seaside, around 27 degrees in the centre and 31 to 32 degrees in Belgian Lorraine.

On Sunday there could be heavily cloud cover with some showers, with broad clearances on the coast and maximum temperatures from 20 degrees at sea to 25 degrees in Belgian Lorraine.

Temperatures will drop to between 19 and 23 degrees on Monday, with a chance of showers. Tuesday, rain will come across the country from the west, with highs fluctuating around 20 or 21 degrees.

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