Swiss red zone destinations vanish from Belgian holiday tours 

Swiss red zone destinations vanish from Belgian holiday tours 
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The tour operator Intersoc has announced that it is removing two of its destinations in the Lake Geneva region (Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux) after it was included on the FPS Foreign Affairs red list.

The "mountain air" travel organisation for members of the Belgian Mutualité chrétienne (MC) already has several hundred travellers to the Swiss region. They will have to undergo a screening test and be quarantined on their return to Belgium.

The two cancelled travel destinations are Leysin and Zinal, where Intersoc has hotels. Some 550 Belgians are currently spending their holidays there.

"We will give more information to the holidaymakers and employees concerned on Monday," the travel organisation said on Facebook, assuring that they will also be guided on their return to Belgium.

Johan Swinnen, director of Intersoc, said he was "surprised" by the change in travel recommendations. "We knew that there were some problems around the city of Geneva, but our hotels are all located in the mountains, where there are no or relatively few problems, so we are surprised that we have to close these hotels now."

All new travel bookings to these two destinations are now cancelled. Intersoc points out that there are no problems for its other Swiss destinations Flims, St. Moritz and Wengen, whose travel recommendations remain unchanged.

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