Weather Report: Heatwave will last into next week

Weather Report: Heatwave will last into next week
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Belgium's approaching heatwave - due to start on Thursday - will likely last into next week, according to the latest information from the Royal Meteorological Institute.

While it gets warm on Wednesday already, Thursday is when the temperatures really start to rise above 30 degrees, where it is expected to stay into next week.

Wednesday will see the country reach 24 degrees by the sea, about 28 degrees in the centre, and about 29 degrees in the Kempen. Overnight it should stay dry and almost clear, with temperatures dropping to 12 and 17 degrees.

Thursday it gets tropical warm in many places. Maximum temperatures fluctuate around 31 to 32 degrees in many places, in the Kempen, it can be 33 degrees. On the coast a moderate sea breeze could appear in the afternoon, causing lower temperatures of 25 or 26 degrees.

Friday it gets even warmer. It gets about 34 degrees in the centre of the country.

Saturday is again mostly sunny, with highs of around 35 to 36 degrees in the centre of the country. At the sea, it should be a cooler 28 degrees.

On Sunday it also gets very hot with highs around 33 to 34 degrees in the centre. At the sea, it should stay cooler with highs around 24 degrees.

The heat seems to continue early next week. In many places inland, temperatures can reach around or above 35 degrees, although the development of an isolated thunderstorm cannot be ruled out.

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