5-person social bubble is 'hard to sustain' in the long term

5-person social bubble is 'hard to sustain' in the long term
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While the reduction of close contacts makes it possible to avoid the further spread of the coronavirus, the bubble of five people per household is "hard to sustain" in the long term, according to experts.

"We have seen that the social bubbles of 15 people per week and household member were leading to an explosion in the number of positive cases," said interfederal Covid-19 spokesperson Frédérique Jacobs during a press conference on Wednesday.

In combination with other measures, the shrinking of the social bubble to five fixed people per household is very effective, but is also "hard to sustain" in the long term, Jacobs said.

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However, a return to the 15-person bubble seems "highly unlikely" in the future, even if the measure will be relaxed, according to virologist Steven Van Gucht.

"Depending on the evolution of the epidemic, a balance will have to be found between 'too many' contacts, which help the spread of the virus, and a number so small that it is not liveable in the long term, unfeasible in practice and not respected by many people," Jacobs added.

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