Ryanair cuts 1 in 5 flights in September and October

Ryanair cuts 1 in 5 flights in September and October
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Ryanair is reducing its flight capacity by 20% for September and October due to the new coronavirus, it announced on Monday.

“Forward bookings have notably weakened over the last 10 days, given continuing uncertainty over recent Covid case rates in some EU countries,” the airline explained in a press release.

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“Most of these cuts would be frequency reductions rather than route closures,” they said, “and they will be heavily focused on countries such as Spain, France and Sweden, where rising Covid case rates have led to increased travel restrictions."

They will also be focused on Ireland, "which continues to impose a uniquely restrictive Green List,” with the country imposing quarantines on visitors from countries where the infections are lower than in Ireland, Ryanair added.

Passengers effected by the decision will be emailed over the course of the day, a Ryanair spokesperson said in the release.

On 6 August, the airline had announced that it had restored 60% of its normal flight schedule.

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