Weather report: clearer skies expected by Monday

Weather report: clearer skies expected by Monday
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The weather will remain grey and rainy this weekend, but it will become drier early next week, with clear skies expected on Monday.

The slight to moderate rain forecast for Saturday morning will shift towards the southeast of the country before moving into Germany. Hautes-Fagnes will see highs of 14 degrees, while maximum temperatures will be 18 or 19 degrees in the centre.

During the evening and into the night, the risk of showers is expected to increase, starting in the northwest and north.

Minimum temperatures will range between 5 and 13 degrees, with a slight wind blowing towards the southwest, except along the coast, where the wind will be moderate and come in from the west/northwest.

On Sunday, clouds will alternate with clear skies. A few showers will develop, especially in the north-eastern half of Belgium. The rest of the country will be drier. The skies will be much clearer in the afternoon, starting in the west.

Highs will range between 14 and 18 degrees. The wind will be slight, sometimes moderate, blowing from west to northwest.

Monday promises to be drier, with broad swathes of clear skies forecast. Highs will be in the 15-to-20-degree range, and the wind low to moderate.

While the clouds are expected to reappear, maximum temperatures will be as high as 22 degrees on Tuesday and 23 degrees on Wednesday.

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