Brussels taxis and Uber to face off in Court of Appeals on Friday

Brussels taxis and Uber to face off in Court of Appeals on Friday
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A trial between Uber and the Belgian Taxi Federation (FeBet) is set to start on Friday morning at the Brussels Court of Appeals.

Febet had appealed against a ruling stating that UberX, which connects passengers with drivers holding an LVC licence (which stands for Location de Voiture avec Chauffeur, or rental of a car with a driver), complies with the Brussels legal framework.

On 16 January 2019, the francophone Commercial Court of Brussels had rejected all actions against Uber and confirmed that its UberX service complies with the Brussels legislation on the paid transport of persons.

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The court had also held that drivers in possession of an LVC licence, and who use the UberX application, could not be considered as employees of the American company.

The judge had established that Uber does not provide a transportation service and therefore the service offered by a driver via the Uber application cannot be considered as a taxi service.

FeBet considered that this argument of the court was not correct and appealed.

The trial will be held on Friday and continue on 18 and 25 September and 2 October.

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