Weather expected to take a turn for the worse from Wednesday

Weather expected to take a turn for the worse from Wednesday
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The weather will remain dry and sunny through Tuesday, before taking a turn for the worse, becoming increasingly cooler from Wednesday, the Royal Meteorological Institute, IRM, said on Saturday.

On Monday, the dry, sunny weather will continue, with highs of 20 degrees on the coast and 25 degrees inland.

On Tuesday, the sunny weather will continue, possibly with a few Cumulus clouds during the day. The weather will remain dry, with highs of about 20 degrees on the coast and 25-26 degrees inland.

On Wednesday, the weather will become more unstable due to a disturbance over the Atlantic. Cumulus clouds will develop while there will be an increasing likelihood of heavy showers, and sometimes thunderstorms. Temperatures will range from 19 to 23 degrees.

On Thursday, an active disturbance will cross Belgium from west to east, resulting in very cloudy weather, with bouts of sometimes moderate rain. Highs will be between 17 and 21 degrees.

On Friday the weather will be generally dry in the west and centre of the country, with patches of clear sky, some of them extensive. On the other hand, the sky will be very cloudy with the possibility of light rains in the east and southeast.

On Saturday, dry, shiny weather will give way to cloudy skies, followed by rain coming in from the west.

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