Sunny weather throughout Belgium until Wednesday

Sunny weather throughout Belgium until Wednesday
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Belgium has a few more days of sunshine ahead before rain and cooler temperatures will return on Wednesday, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute’s midday forecast on Monday.

The weather will remain dry and sunny this Monday afternoon, with only a few clouds and maximum temperatures from 19 degrees at sea to 25 to 26 degrees inland. The wind will blow from the north and will be light to moderate at times.

At night, the sky will be clear, though fog banks may form in the second half of the night, mainly in the west of the country, under minimum temperatures that will vary between 2 degrees in the high Ardennes and 14 degrees on the plains. The wind will be weak.

Tuesday, after the dissipation of the morning fog, which is expected to be quite dense over the west of the country, the weather will remain dry with wide clearings and a few clouds. Temperatures will range from 20 degrees at the coast to 26 degrees in the interior of the country, with a generally weak wind of variable direction or from west to south-west.

The nice weather is expected to make way for an increasing likelihood of rain and even possible thunderstorms on Wednesday, with temperatures likely to be in the tens for the rest of the week.

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