'Not my government': Thousands of Vlaams Belang supporters flock to Brussels

'Not my government': Thousands of Vlaams Belang supporters flock to Brussels
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Roads around Brussels were flooded with incoming traffic on Sunday morning, as thousands of members and supporters of Vlaams Belang drove to the capital to take part in a protest.

Gathered under the slogan “Not my government,” the group is protesting the approaching Vivaldi government by driving from car parks across Flanders to meet up on the outskirts of the city from 10:00 AM.

According to reports, up to 5,000 cars were present.

Cars will then gather at Parking lot C in Grimbergen, in the northern outskirts of Brussels, in an event which has been heavily promoted on social media since it was announced last week.

Promoting the protest, the party said it is seeking to appeal to supporters beyond this base, saying the demonstration is about “the future of our children and grandchildren,” and about the “Flanders where we want them to grow up.”

“We want to send a defeating signal to the political elite that Flanders will not tolerate left-wing and anti-Flemish policies,” the party wrote online.

The party is urging participants to keep the protest static by remaining in their own vehicles and to wear a face mask in order to avoid criticism or reprecussions for flouting coronavirus rules.

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The Brussels-Ixelles police zone will supervise the demonstration which Grimbergen officials have said can go on until 1:00 PM.

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