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October 10: Taiwan Celebrates its National Day

October 10: Taiwan Celebrates its National Day

Taiwan: A Beacon of Democracy

Ringing in this Double Tenth National Day, the people of Taiwan have countless reasons to be proud, but none is more compelling than the country’s thriving democracy and commitment to protecting human rights at a time when civil liberties across the globe are being undermined.

Taiwan’s devotion to democratic principles was on full display during the 2020 presidential election, which saw 14 million voters—an impressive 74.9 percent of the electorate—turn out to make their voices heard. They placed their trust in President Tsai Ing-wen, who vows to leave no stone unturned in strengthening democratic institutions.

To this end, the president has pledged to establish a human rights commission and lower the voting age to 18, placing civil rights at the heart of Taiwan’s national ethos and further expanding the youth’s say in their government.

Under her administration, the people can rejoice in the strength and resilience of their democracy and the shining example it sets for the world.

Covid-19: Taiwan is sharing and caring

Taiwan celebrates Double Tenth National Day this year with enormous confidence, pride and hope for the post-pandemic new life. It combated coronavirus to great effect, and saw this success create more cooperation and friendship opportunities worldwide.

Sharing COVID-19 management experience and essential medical items with like-minded partners is one reason for this healthy state of affairs. In no time at all, Taiwan Can Help went from slogan to lifesaving mantra repeated around the globe.

Another reason is the Taiwan Model. Harnessing the power of the country’s internationally acclaimed freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law, the All Hands on Deck approach brought the government, private sector and people together as one. It also drew upon Taiwan’s collective memory in managing the SARS outbreak of 2003.

On Double Tenth National Day, the country’s compassion, generosity and standing as a force for good are on full display. Yes! Taiwan Can Help.

Moving forward

When Taiwan celebrates Double Tenth National Day, the people can reflect on a blessed year. Despite coronavirus, the country’s economy remains on the growth track under the farsighted leadership of President Tsai Ing-wen.

Momentum is set to be carried into the post-pandemic new life via the six core strategic industries plan for transforming Taiwan into a critical force in the global economy. Building on the government’s five plus-two industrial innovation program, it sets out a vision to develop the nation’s information and digital; cybersecurity; biotech and medical; national defense and strategic; green and renewable energy; and strategic stockpile industries.

The enterprising spirit of the people guarantees successful realization of this vision. From world renowned industry leaders such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. down to neighborhood shops, a belief in hard work and ingenuity means the country is well placed to achieve economic growth and stability while seizing next-generation opportunities.

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