Weather report: temperature rises to 20 degrees on Wednesday

Weather report: temperature rises to 20 degrees on Wednesday
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Temperatures in Belgium will climb up to 20 degrees on Wednesday according to a forecast by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

On Monday afternoon, the dreary weather will eventually give way to sunshine in most regions, with maximum temperatures ranging from 9 to 14 degrees.

Tuesday will be very cloudy to overcast with dry weather over most areas before noon, with a shower possible in the west of Belgium.

In the afternoon, rain is expected, especially in the central part of the country. As the hours go by, the weather will generally become dry in the west with some sunshine. The south-eastern part of the country will probably benefit from an often dry weather with possibly some sunny spells.

Maximum temperatures will range from 13 degrees in the Hautes Fagnes to 16 degrees elsewhere, and even 17 degrees in Limburg. The wind will be moderate from the south with gusts of 50 km/h, or even 60 km/h on the plateaus of Middle and Upper Belgium.

On Tuesday evening, there will still be a lot of cloud cover and the weather will become temporarily dry, except in the east where light rain may still linger. A new zone of active rain is then expected during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Once again, the south-east of the country will be relatively unscathed.

Minimum temperatures will be vary from 10 degrees in the Ardennes to 13 degrees elsewhere. The moderate south to south-east wind will temporarily decrease in intensity.

On Wednesday, the cloud cover will initially be variable to abundant with more rain in the morning, especially in the west. Milder air will follow in the afternoon with, in some places, large clearings, but an isolated shower will remain possible.

Temperatures will reach values between 17 degrees on the high plateaus of the Ardennes and 20 or 21 degrees in Flanders.

The south wind will become quite strong or even temporarily strong with gusts up to 80 km/h in the west and 70 km/h elsewhere. On the coast, it will even be strong to very strong with gusts of up to 90 km/h. At the end of the day, it will move south-west and decrease in intensity.

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