Dozens of art objects damaged on Museum Island in Berlin

Dozens of art objects damaged on Museum Island in Berlin
Credit: Belga

Several dozen works of art and antiques on Berlin's Museum Island were damaged in early October in what appears to be a targeted attack, local police said Wednesday morning.

An oily liquid was sprayed on about seventy ancient objects, including Egyptian sarcophagi, stone sculptures and 19th-century paintings.

The vandalised objects were displayed in various rooms of the cultural complex, which houses one of the richest collections of works of art in the world. Museums with works that were damaged include the Pergamon Museum, others in the "New Museum" (Neues Museum) or in the National Gallery.

This was "one of the most important acts of vandalism of art and antiques in post-war Germany,” according to German weekly Die Zeit.

The attack took place on 3 October, the anniversary of German reunification and a bank holiday.

An investigation will determine whether this date was deliberately chosen.

According to the German daily Tagesspiegel, visitors who visited the cultural complex on that day are asked to share any information with the police.

The Museum Island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and attracts many curious people to the German capital.

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