Ambulance attacked en route to emergency in Ganshoren

Ambulance attacked en route to emergency in Ganshoren

An ambulance operated by the Brussels fire service was attacked and damaged last night in Ganshoren commune in the north-west of the city.

The ambulance was on its way to an incident when an object was thrown at the windscreen on the Avenue Charles-Quint.

It turned out to be a can of spray paint that had been thrown from the balcony or from the window of a house,” said spokesperson Walter Derieuw.

The impact cracked the ambulance's windscreen, which needs to be replaced, and there is a dent in the vehicle’s bonnet,” he said.

The ambulance crew were unhurt but shocked.

They can’t understand that, as aid workers at the service of the population, they have become the victims of such a senseless act,” Derieuw said.

The police of the Brussels-West zone arrived at the scene to investigate and file a complaint. The management of the Brussels fire brigade strongly condemns this event and will file a complaint of its own and, if possible, take civil action.”

Another ambulance crew took the place of their colleagues and attended the original caller, who was able to be taken to hospital without delay.

In July, representatives of the fire service, which also operates ambulances for emergencies, told a parliamentary committee that the number of incidents of violence and vandalism aimed at fire trucks and ambulances was on the increase.

Alan Hope

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